Friday, February 8, 2008

Etsy Stuff, Lily Update, and Valentines

As I contemplate the possibility (likelihood) of becoming an Artisan of baby clothing and perhaps other sewn/knitted things, we have come to discover the joys of shopping on Etsy. We have so far ordered some amazing baby leg warmers called wangly legs from Felicity's Boutique and several prints of original illustrations from a store called "The Dreamy Giraffe."

I highly recommend both of these shops, the products are amazing!, and encourage everyone to buy handmade whenever possible. It really does feel good to know that your money is going to a real person who is directly benefiting from your business :) I hope to continue to buy from Artisans, local and through the net.

In other news, Lily had her 4 month dr's appointment. She is now 24.5 inches long and nearly 13lbs! Everything looks good, the dr. says she seems, developmentally, like a 6 month old baby instead of a 4 month old and she is ready to start eating solids. We started her on a little rice cereal and plan to begin banana in a few days.

Last, I was somewhat lazy and never quite got around to sending out holiday cards this year, even though we ordered pictures and bought cards. As penance for my laziness I decided I must handmake Valentine's cards to send out with the pics. I finished making them last night and now only have to craft a letter, address them, and send them out. I feel very accomplished now :)