Friday, June 19, 2009

Tryng to make a comeback!

Hi all, sorry I've been gone for so long. Things have been really busy, but amazing, for me these past months.

We moved into our new house on May 4th. Lily loves it here and we are trying to settle into some sort of routine; although with the amount of work I have gong on in the house she is sadly feeling like she doesn't get enough Mommy time.

She is sooo close to conversant talking now. She says about 250 words, signs about 50ish, and knows more than I can guess. She started putting together 3 word sentences a couple of weeks ago. Her first one: "I eat food!" Now she carries on all day in a mixture of English and Lilyish... Hopefully one of us will become fluent in one or the other some day soon :)

We have not gotten to the beach as much as we would have liked to but I do have a few awesome beach pics to share:

And a couple of extremely cute photos of her walking around in my Chucks :)