Thursday, July 26, 2007

28 Week Doctor's Visit

I went in for my 28 week visit today. Everything is looking good, Lily's growing a lot :) She is in the breech position right now but the doctor says that she has plenty of time to turn around; I sure hope she decided to do so. The good news is that my blood pressure is down to what is far more normal to me, I guess stopping work and less stress is just what was needed :) We did the gestational diabetes test today as well as some more blood work; results should come back next week.

We have another big ultrasound at the hospital on the first of August so I should have some more good pics then (the ones at the Dr's are not very clear now that she is bigger). I heard a rumor that it is possible to get a dvd recording of the ultrasound, I will bring a dvd with me, just in case, and if I get one I will post it online and link to it here.

As for me, I guess the nesting instinct is kicking in and I'm keeping myself pretty busy organizing and going through things at home. I feel a whole lot better now that I'm not driving all day, most of the swelling in my feet and legs has gone away and I actually have a lot more energy (most days). I feel like there is an unbelievable amount of stuff for me to do before she gets here and that I will not have the time to get it all done :) I hope I'm wrong about that. I'm kinda unclear (still) about what all that is, that I need to do, but I'm keeping busy trying to figure it out.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pink, Pink, Pink!!!

Lily's not even born yet and I'm soooo sick of pink. I really don't know why 95% of everything for girls has to be this one, bubble-gummy, color-- I can't imagine the boredom of choosing between outfits of the same color every day. I have a mission; find great baby clothes that come in different colors.

I asked the salesperson at Gymboree if many people complained about the lack of color selection for infants. She tells me that 99% of people having a first daughter that come in want to load up on pink clothes. I guess this is somehow similar to vast numbers of people preferring beige or sage wall paint. So I'm wondering where the stores for parents like me are. Surely there are quite a few of us who would like to see a rainbow of colors in our baby's wardrobe. Infancy is a great time for color, after all, they look cute in just about anything!

The thing is that I'm now fixated on finding the "perfect" first portrait/going home outfit and I don't want a pink one. I'm hoping to find something I like enough to get stored professionally and save for Lily to have when she gets older and has a family of her own. I'm thinking white or maybe red.... hmm let's see if I can find anything.

A few sites I've come across so far:

super cute but also super expensive:

Super cute and not super expensive :) :

Hand Crocheted Things; Beautiful: Exquisite Baby Fashions

Cute handmade stuff:

Nice selection of stuff here: Best dressed child

Really beautiful and great prices here: Baby boutique clothing

So that's a start anyway :)