Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Have a Home!!!

Well, we made our offer, they countered. We countered their counter and they accepted!! We have a new home!!! --well, provisionally.  Now for the sticky details.  We have to get inspections of a few things and whatever else gets done before sales are final, but then it is ours.

I'm currently researching gardening (I hope to turn my black thumb green) and thinking about wall colors and other homey stuff.  I've never been a domestically inclined type of person but Lily has inspired a lot of respect and desire in me to explore and learn proficiency in the "womanly arts."

Yeah, I want to become that mommy who gives her family a beautiful place to live and maybe even bakes cookies or something.  I'm going to save the baking for later and concentrate my current energies on making a home that feels comforting, inspiring, and full of love for everyone who enters.

This is all a part of my quest to live a more beautiful life-- to become the kind of person I admire and have never quite believed myself capable of being.

Enough about me though... Lily will have her own room in our new home and I'm having fun thinking about how to decorate for her.  If any of you have any helpful tips or ideas on making a fun and practical (yet beautiful) child's room, I'd love to hear them!

We hope everyone is great and that we get to see or hear from you soon!