Monday, August 13, 2007

Finding a Ped. and Flaming

Today I began my search for a good pediatrician for Lily; I knew it would be hard (it's always hard to find a doc you like) but my ins. made it even harder! The provider catalog they sent me was out of date and none of the listed providers accept my insurance any longer :( Fortunately carries an up to date list and I have an appointment to meed with a Ped on August 27th (yay!).

In other news, my results for the 3 hour Gestational diabetes test came back and I passed (YAY!!!) all of the levels.

I was amused to see the one response I received to my last post. I thought, for any future flamers (as I am likely to have them since I can be rather unorthodox), that I would provide you with a list of suggestions for intelligently flaming my posts:

1) Do your homework; If you have information that contradicts data I have found in my research I would love to see it, please send me links or article information so that I can verify your statements.

2) Present your opinion logically. If you need assistance with understanding what constitutes a logical fallacy I can suggest that you visit for more information.

3) Be respectful: If you choose to forgo the respectful route I will likely not remove your comment, but I (and many readers) will take note of your lack of respect and your rudeness is quite likely to detract from whatever argument you are presenting.

4) Present opinion as opinion: If you have a problem with any "facts" I present in any of my blogs I welcome you to ask me to provide you with the evidence I have based my writing on, if I cannot back them up I will agree with you that they constitute my opinion (which I also retain the right to have based upon any or no evidence :)).

You can ignore or disregard these suggestions as you choose (I find it somewhat amusing to read responses not conforming to these guidelines) but you are much less likely to be taken seriously if you present an over-emotional, illogical, and/or nasty response to any position (and I am not above pointing out your presentation of any of these things-- I'm not as nice as my bf :)).

Happy Flaming!

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K said...


*waves* Hi, I'm one of Eric's friends and I just found your blog(s) not too long ago. I thought this would be a good time to say hi, because I want to say how great I think it is that you're taking such an active role in Lily's health.

I haven't read as much as you about immunizations, but I remember reading a few articles comparing the medical model of childbirth vs. alternative options, such as using mid-wives, for example. I personally think the way modern medicine deals with childbirth has some serious problems. Not giving the mother enough control over what happens to her body and her child is a huge problem, I think. From what I've read, it seems that a lot is done without consideration for what is really best for that particular mother or child, but it's done anyway just because it's "procedure".

So, having a detailed birth plan and having a health care professional who will do their best to respect your plan is a good way to combat the problem.

So, yay for you for doing your research and being proactive! :)