Thursday, January 31, 2008

Project #3- Poppins/ Lily Update

Well, project 2, a purse, didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. It's cute but pretty much unusable-- c'est la vie. I maybe should have used a pattern. Well tonight I started and finished my 3rd sewing project. I decided to embroider a onesie and some pants for Lily. On the onesie front is the saying "Practically perfect in every way" and then there is a white Mary Poppins flying with umbrella and bag on the pants. I think it turned out ok, but the pants embroidery is not far enough to the right for my taste. I'll post pics eventually.

Eric decided he has some interest in the sewing machine as well (it is pretty cool!) and finished a very cute project; a multi-colored snake toy. It is quite adorable and I have the feeling it might be Lily's favorite. I can't wait to see his next creation and show you pics.

Now for the Lily update I'm sure you are all waiting for. Lily is doing great! She weathered her first cold at New Years and that lasted a few weeks but her sniffles are finally gone. I think she may be thinking about teething soon, she seems pretty chewy. On that note; she has found her hands and chews on them all the time. She is also reaching for and grabbing objects. Her favorite toy is a pig with plastic-y thingies that she chews on. It's pretty cute, I think Eric is going to try and get a pic. We go for her 4 month check up in a little bit then I will be able to report about growth and stuff. I think she will not start on solids for another 2 months.

Lily is so much fun and terribly cute :) She is turning towards your lips when we kiss her cheeks. She seems pretty close to trying to imitate us and loves to make bubbles. She also has developed a great laugh.

I think that's about it for the Lily update. Be back soon!

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