Monday, June 1, 2009

Lily found a bee :( and update

Wow, it feels like forever since I've had a second to post. Moving is crazy!

Today, while I was watering our flowers, lily found a dead bee in her pool. I shouldhave checked her pool first thing, but I guess it takes a lesson to think of things like that, anyway, she picked it up and found out that bees sting :(

Luckily she seems to not be developing any severe reaction, TG, but is quite unhappy. I told her that some bugs bite and we shouldn't touch them so every time she remembers her finger hurts she is saying "bug! Bug, BUG...WHAAAA" poor baby!

Other than our traumatic bug incident, everything is going quite well. The house is coming along, albeit much slower than I hoped (OF COURSE!) but we are all healthy and happy at the moment.

I hope to get back with pics and a better update sometime soon, but now I have to run. Dishes are calling since Lily has forgotten about the bug for the moment!

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