Friday, June 29, 2007


I think Lily is starting to get hiccups sometimes. It's a cute feeling (so far) to have this little person hiccupping away inside of my tummy :) I can't wait to see her in person (though I hope it's not too soon).

I think I'm going to try and quit working after this weekend. I'm starting to get really nervous of my customers and to worry a whole lot more about accidents while I am driving. That, in conjunction with my worries about my rising blood pressure, makes it a good plan to quit early.

My mom just reminded me that if I continue working through next week (4th of July weekend) that I could make a lot of money. I smile at that :) perhaps I would make a lot of money (perhaps not, though) but what I remember most about working the 4th of July and New Years is that while in most places people shoot off fireworks, in many neighborhoods of the city they shoot of guns instead. I made the mistake of working on New Years and ended up in the city around midnight... I was terribly frightened by all the crazy people shooting pistols and rifles off from their porches (don't they know those bullets come down somewhere?) and I talked to a couple of cab drivers who got bullet holes in their cabs that night. It seems that cabs are easy targets :). So even if it actually would be safe (yah right) I fear I would be so scared that it would be a really bad night for me anyway :)

I swing between wondering how I will ever find the time to get everything ready by October and wondering how I will deal with the boredom of not working for so long :) I hope that I will find myself sufficiently occupied and also able to feel prepared for Lily's appearance. Mostly I wonder if not working will make Eric's absence even harder. He's been in Santa Clara for more than a month now and it feels like an eternity already. He might come visit sometime in July :) I hope that is the case and that I'm busy enough with getting ready that the time flows by quickly.

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