Thursday, July 12, 2007

26 week Checkup

Today was my 26 week visit with the doctor. Everything went well, Lily looks good, is moving a lot and basically it was a five minute affair.

I have lately been suffering from a bit of fluid retention (which surprised me by hurting more than a little) and am beginning to believe that I might be a bit miserable most of the time in a little while here :) Luckily they say it is worth it, and I'm sure meeting and raising Lily will prove to be so.

I'm thinking about buying a body pillow, finally, because even with 5 pillows I'm starting to have a hard time getting (and staying) comfortable enough for sleep. I was trying to hold out because I don't think they're quite as useful as regular pillows, but I guess I can give in.

Still working, for now, but hopefully I will be able to retire ( :-) ) soon and get all of the things done that I need to (the first thing being to figure out what I need to get done). My car is being fixed now and then after that.. I will be able to stop driving a cab. I think that will be a very good thing since I'm getting crabbier with my customers by the day and I dread the germs of coughing people and so on.

I start my two week visits to the doctor from now on. Next visit I have to do the glucose screening for gestational diabetes (yay) and get a repeat of bloodwork to see if there is something there that's making me so tired.

Other than that... missing Eric and sleeping a lot... that (the sleeping, at least) and work is my excuse for not posting more often :)

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