Friday, June 15, 2007

Week 22

I had my week 22 doctor's visit yesterday. I love going to the doctor, I get to see Lily in action (as opposed to just feeling her in there). She's getting bigger and is an active little one... I wonder if that means I won't be getting any sleep once she arrives.

The Doc says everything is going well, she looks great and the ultrasounds (from the hospital round) look great (yay!). I'm getting more and more excited about meeting her, every day.

After the doc's I went for a stroll around the mall (my current exercise route) and very nearly made a purchase that would have been silly. There was this cute little newborn dress with Frogs and Lilies on it that I thought would be adorable for her first picture... But it was a summer dress and she's not going to be a summer baby... oh well, I'll have to find something else :)

Grandma Dayle (Eric's mom) is going to make the cutest little booties for Lily ( . If you like to knit (and are more advanced than me) these are the cutest booties I've seen yet :)

I haven't photographed yesterday's ultrasound yet, but will post it soon. She looks like an alien in it :)

Next month's doctor visit will be the last of the one month visits. After that I'm up to every two weeks, Yay, hopefully it will still be the fun, let's look at Lily, kind rather than the dreaded every visit exam kind (I'm not sure when those start).

According to "What to Expect When You're Expecting;" I'm in the last week of the fifth month, Lily is between 7-9 inches long and weighs almost a pound, she can hear, has regular periods of wakefulness and sleep, makes lots of faces, and has eyebrows and hair. After this week, if she were to be born she would apparently have some chance of survival (but I think it's pretty slim still). O, and this is supposed to be the best time in pregnancy for my sex life :) (funny, seems not, since Eric is more than 1000 miles away).

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