Monday, November 26, 2007

Lily Update

So you all may be wondering what Lily is up to. She is growing fast. I'm not sure how big she is now (will let you know after her appt next monday) but she's wearing 3 month sizes oftentimes. She is also smiling a whole lot and beginning to find funny faces... well, funny.

She rolled over from her tummy to her back this morning, though it may have been a fluke, and is starting to bat at hanging toys from her Gymini playmat. In general she is showing a much greater interest in toys. She likes to be in her swing for maybe 10 mins. at a time and likes looking up at her mobile for a while also.

She's also staying awake for much longer periods of the day and sleeping for at least one 6 hour stretch at night.

We're having great fun with her. She is quite cute and fun to play with. She is becoming very responsive to music and I hate to admit that she seems really fond of gangster rap (!!!). When she's really upset it can sometimes be the one thing that will calm her down, though it doesn't so much calm Eric or I :)

She is definitely showing a strong mommy preference and sometimes will only be calmed down by me. She seems to have figured out who has the food :-P

We went to my older brother's home for Thanksgiving and while there she seemed to be pretty amused by my nephews (3yo and 18months). They were also very pleased with her. I am excited that we will be moving to California but also sad that it will likely mean that she will not know her cousins very well.

I have quite a few pics of her to share. I have posted a few here and will get some more up soon.

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