Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Wisconsin

This year we drove up to Wisconsin for the holiday. It was a somewhat arduous trip but we were fortunate that Lily decided to sleep most of the time. We've been here for 5 days now and I have to admit that, as worried as I was about the cold, it is quite beautiful and relaxing up here.

When I look outside of the window the world is blanketed in a white stillness that I never see in St. Louis. While everything is peaceful and serene it is also teeming with life. In the mornings we've seen a family of deer, a lone yearling fawn, and an adorable young possum who doesn't seem to understand that he is a nocturnal creature or that it might not be wise to venture up on people's porches during the daylight hours.

Eric's family lives in a very nice home a few miles outside of the actual town. They have several acres of land that Eric explored and conquered during his youth. As I look around it I imagine how Lily will one day explore the same thickets and gulleys that her father did and I am pleased by the continuity of life.

Behind the home is a river that won't freeze over throughout the winter. It provides a very nice babbling background to accompany the few bird and rustling of pines in the wind. Along the river is a trail, which Eric and I walked during our summer visit, and it has several beautiful features that I look forward to seeing with Lily in the years to come.

In all this holiday has been very sweet and warm. We've spent hours enjoying each other and it has been very fun to watch her with her grandparents. She's grown much bigger now and is just starting to try and imitate us... it's too cute.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them uploaded. Hope your holiday has been as sweet as has been ours!

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