Friday, January 4, 2008

Lily's first cold :(

Lily has been suffering from her first cold for the past three days. The poor thing has such a stuffy nose that she can barely breathe while eating, and has thus slowed down eating quite a bit. Luckily she has not run a temperature yet and the stuffiness seems localized. We just feel so sorry for her and hate how much she screams when we have to suction her nose out... poor baby :(

Other than that things are great. We had a nice holiday, and since back in St. Louis have celebrated with my family. My brother's family was in town over New Years (when we did xmas) and we got the chance to visit several times, which was very nice. I wish I saw them more. My Sister in law is pregnant with their 3rd baby and we are all really excited.

I have just uploaded a bunch of photos to my photobucket account... if you wanna see fresh ones of Lily, my knitting projects and all the other stuff I have up here..

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