Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amazing Gift Box

This Christmas, while we were visiting Eric's family in Wisconsin, I was very impressed by what I found out was a yearly tradition of receiving a box of very thoughtful, personalized, sometimes homemade and often local (to the gifter) gifts. I, at that time, thought that it was an amazing idea to collect gifts throughout the year and send them in a magic box (I found this especially inspiring as I prepare myself to move thousands of miles from my own family). I'd never seen anything like it and it was really, really fun to open the box and discover all of the wonderful gifts that had been specially chosen for their particular recipients.

Tonight, I got home from going out with a friend and found a box waiting inside. It was one of the magic gift boxes-- I am calling it magic because opening it and discovering a wide variety of hand-chosen and made things... well it reminded me a lot of Mary Poppins' magic purse.

Inside of the box we discovered kits for making baby toys and scrap booking (which I keep meaning to learn to do), ornaments personalized with infant Lily pictures, miniature frames with Lily photos, stuffed animals, sing along books, pampering stuff for me (with a fierce red velvet bag), pictures of Eric growing up, stencil monogrammed totes and onesies and much more. In all, amazing, I am speechless.

So tonight I have resolved, again, to try and start a similar tradition when I move away. Especially as Lily grows older, I think it will be a beautiful way to keep us all connected to our families even though we will be (or already are) far away from them.

Thank You Mary Catherine, you are an inspiration!

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