Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Overwhelming Busy-ness Should Burn Fat!

Lily's first modeling shoot

She is the easiest model I've ever worked with! :)

Ah, I can't believe how fast time is going now-a-days. Well, maybe I can but I wish there were some way to harness is and tell it to chill out for a little while. I want to smell the roses and remember tiny moments of Lily's infancy... I guess a full course load, opening two (yes two!) handmade clothing stores, working on various personal projects, designing new clothing and getting back into fashion photography makes things a little hectic, who knew?!? :-P

Well, that is what's going on with me. I graduate May 10th so things should calm down after that.

More importantly... Lily is amazing and beautiful, she is verbalizing a great deal, she's testing out her fun, non-crying, screaming abilities (especially when ignored and in a crowd), is verrrrry close to crawling, likes working to get toys that are just out of reach, will cry if mommy walks out of the room (sometimes daddy too), likes "jokes" and pat-a-cake, can't get enough "Oh My a Fly," makes raspberries indiscriminately, and laughed at a poor guy in my drawing class while he was explaining his work.

I love being her mommy!

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